2005 Musicoz Awards Dance Category Winner

Featured on the album “Electric Swamp Creaturez” is the remix “Dawn of the Age” by DJ Sean Candy aka AB Oblivion; a lush slower break-beat track; winner of the dance category at the 2005 Australian Musicoz Awards. DJ Sean Candy, who usually writes more upbeat dance tracks but also likes to experiment with different electronic genres, went for a cruisier feel for this remix.

A one-man cyber-didgedelic band, DJ Sean Candy has toured the globe extensively from Australia, Japan, Europe, Africa, South America and U.S.A with vinyl, CD & DVD releases on UK, Japanese and Australian labels including: Transient, Sacred, Full Tilt & Edgecore. Other recent projects include: Yuko B Remixes, a dance mix for the George Greenough film 'Dolphin Glide' & 'Slot Machine' electro-rock-house project.


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