2006 NCEIA Dolphin Awards Winner

Featured on the album “Electric Swamp Creaturez” is the remix “Sweet Angel” by Tone Wandaller (Crystal Grid), winner of the electronic ambient category at the 2006 NCEIA Dolphin Awards. Tone Wandaller: producer/ composer/ multi-instrumentalist/ sound & visual engineer/ performer, runs Crystal Grid Studios, specializing in multi-dimension-media. Tone worked the Melbourne pub circuit for years playing bass with Checkerboard Lounge Blues Band & spent many years on the road with Earth Reggae before landing @ the Byron Bay Epicentre. Crystal Grid now operates out of Buzz Studio @ The Byron Bay Arts Factory & from Tone’s home base in Wilsons Creek.

Recent projects include: soundtracks for George Greenough's film 'Dolphin Glide', Yuko B albums 'Laughing Flower' & 'Laughing Flower Remixez' and every year a special vision mix @ The Woodford Folk Festival Amphitheatre stage. Past projects include: Charlie McMahon's Gondwana "Boneman", Pleasure Dome - "Satellite" & "The Remixes", Cleis Pearce - "Sweet Earth", Didge Daz - "Digital", Digibyte - 'Dreambones', Jez, Ela Gold, Rusty, Narga, Do3, Brandon Bays, Dorje, Daevid Allen, Que Pasa, Jambira, Ganga Giri, Turtle & Joshi. Special events Tone was involved in organizing & performing @ include: The Sacred Run, Rock'N Corroboree, ET Roots, Party Creatures, Beyond the Brains, 11.11, 12.12 and the Empyrean Fire Festival. Tone has played bass with many bands including: Afro Moses, Jean-Paul Wabotai & Mother Gong. He has toured Japan with Gong and played live electro sets with Curried Grooves, Axis Tilt, Freq. Shift, Kookaburra Tweek, Infinite Music Box, Axis Mundi, Dub Trix, Cheezefreakz, Jugganaught, Spacefunk, Triple Alpha, Soul Travels & Wendy


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