Electric Swamp Creaturez


Electric Swamp Creaturez,
the newly released album by
Rosa Musica @ Crystal Grid,
an electro-folk fantasy adventure,
mixed and mastered
by Pete Robinson
@ Buzz Studio,
Byron Bay


Rosa Musica; poet, painter, photographer, singer-songwriter; first picked up a guitar only 7 years ago; that moment heralded an intense love affair with music and song-writing. An eloquent word-smith, coupled with a deeply felt passion for life and love, the lyrics and songs emerged spontaneously and swiftly. It was as if the music and the songs had a life of their own. Rosa found in music and song-writing a means to deepening her journey with mysticism and creativity and revelled in the adventure.

With the dream opportunity of recording an album, Rosa searched for the most unique way of doing so. Although her live style is unabashedly; folk, her own musical tastes are broad-ranging, so ultimately Rosa embarked upon the endeavour of recording her music enhanced with an electronic essence.

This is when the engineering and musical genius of Tone Wandaller from Crystal Grid, Byron Bay, came on board, fusing Rosa’s heart-felt lyrics and melodies with a contemporary electronic edge. At Crystal Grid, Byron Bay, Rosa and Tone together recorded 9 of Rosa’s original songs along with a cover of the classic Leonard Cohen “Dance Me”.

Add to the overall listening and dance experience 4 sublime re-mixes by Tone, Luka Romanet (aka DaLuk) and DJ Sean Candy (aka AB Oblivion) and the result is the transcendent, quintessentially Byron Bay album, “Electric Swamp Creaturez”.


1. Dance Me

2. Make Believe

3. Dawn of the Age (remix)

4. Goddess

5. Luv Song

6. Gypsie Blood

7. Stardust

8. Song for Simon

9. Wild

10. Wild Child (remix)

11. Sweet Angel (remix)

12. Here and Now (remix)

13. Sunny Day

14. Dawn of the Age of Love


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